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In the Aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan´s seat of power, many Afghan women have been severely inhibited from resuming their professional commitments, lifestyles, and interests in a democratic manner.


The Young Afghan Women Movement is committed to working towards building a network of Afghan youth, specifically women living in Afghanistan, to build their capacities and co-create projects together for their upliftment and social learning


To address the current political impediments to the development of the social and professional lives of women in Afghanistan our Movement focuses on three central areas.


  1. Campaign and Advocate with government and multinational stakeholders for the rights and freedom of Afghan women currently residing in Afghanistan.

  2. Collaborations with kindred activist movements to highlight the plight and crisis of young Afghan women residing in Afghanistan.

  3. Partnering with organizations that offer kill-based and psychosocial support, to facilitate spaces for on-demand thematic areas of education for young Afghan women.


Presently, our focus lies on building the above networks among young women residing in urban spaces with stable access to the internet. However, our long term-goal is to work offline, and reach women living in rural areas. This will only be possible once the political circumstances of Afghanistan become favorable and safe for Afghan women to return.

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