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Following the Taliban's takeover on August 15, 2021, countless Afghan women have faced significant obstacles in resuming their professional pursuits, embracing their preferred lifestyles, and pursuing their interests in a democratic framework. The Young Afghan Women's Movement is dedicated to addressing these challenges by establishing a network of Afghan youth, particularly women residing in Afghanistan. We aim to enhance their skills and collaborate on projects aimed at uplifting their communities and fostering social growth.


To address the current political challenges hindering the social and professional development of women in Afghanistan, our Movement concentrates on three core areas:

  1. Campaigning and Advocacy: We actively engage with government officials and multinational stakeholders to champion the rights and freedom of Afghan women within the country. Through advocacy efforts, we strive to bring attention to the urgent needs of Afghan women and advocate for their rights and freedoms.

  2. Collaborations with Activist Movements: We collaborate with like-minded activist movements to raise awareness about the hardships faced by young Afghan women residing in Afghanistan. By joining forces, we aim to amplify their voices and shed light on their struggles and crises.

  3. Partnerships for Support: We partner with organizations that provide skill-based and psychosocial support, creating spaces for young Afghan women to access education tailored to their needs. These partnerships are instrumental in offering vital support to Afghan women as they navigate challenging circumstances.

Currently, our focus is on establishing these networks primarily among young women in urban areas with reliable internet access. However, our ultimate goal is to expand our reach to women in rural areas once it is safe and feasible to do so. This expansion is contingent upon improved political conditions in Afghanistan that ensure the safety and security of Afghan women.

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